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Copyright der Grafiken und Fotos


  • Grafiken auf Französisch : CC by Isadora Crettaz

  • Grafiken auf Deutsch :  CC by Karin Divorne et Guido Leipold

  • Foto  “Pinot Noir Grapes” Sutterstock, CC by James Zandecki

  • Foto   “Balcony and flags on chalet in Swiss Alps”  Sutterstock, CC by Fulcanelli 

  • Foto  “Delicious wild ramson growing in a danish forest” Sutterstock, CC by Dkidpix

  • Foto  “Apricot with leaves on wooden background” Sutterstock, CC by Tim UR

  • Foto  “Farmer harvesting organic vegetables on a sustainable farm growing seasonal produce on a wheelbarrow” Sutterstock, CC by Daxiao Productions

  • Foto  “Orchard with apple trees in a field in summer” Sutterstock, CC by J. Marijs

  • Foto  “Cute toddler boy in straw hat watering plants in the garden at summer sunny day” Sutterstock, CC by Maria Sbytova

  • Foto  “Thuja or boxwood with a hedge trimmer in form cutting” Sutterstock, CC by JFs Pic S. T

  • Foto  “Close-up view of a flower of the bear garlic - Allium ursinum - blooming in the forest on a sunny spring day” Sutterstock, CC by Forgem

  • Foto  “Basket with vegetables and a farmer in the garden“ Sutterstock, CC by Cherries

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